Selected inventories

The TECHNOSEUM has some outstanding sub-collections which are remarkable as ensembles or due to some individual items. For instance, the Museum possesses the complete fixtures and fittings of a grocery store with a coffee roasting unit, a marquetry workshop and an umbrella maker workshop. There are numerous electrical appliances for tradesmen and domestic use such as vacuum cleaners, light bulbs and toasters. The enamelling and tinplate sign collection is particularly extensive. Our collection of mopeds and  power engines is certainly also worth mentioning, not to forget the models of inland waterway vessels.

Here, you can access some of the collections online. Most are only searchable internally. The Museum accomodates large separate collections by the following individuals and companies, among others:

  • Engine inventor Felix Wankel’s estate
  • Product collection of Stuttgart radio and TV producer Wega
  • Nestler/Lahr collection of products from drawing boards to slide rules
  • Watchman’s clock collection of Werner Schmid
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Clocks and other time recording devices
Clocks and other time recording devices in the depot at the Museum